The Complete First Season!

Episode One | 12-15-20

HEllo World!

On this episode of the Maker Meetup your hosts Annie, Hailey, Roni, and Kelly will be discussing ways in which you can leave your mark in the maker community.

They will be touching on topics like: building authentic engagement, sharing and giving back, and showing your authenticity by being open about your mistakes. Be sure to make yourself a yummy drink and get comfy while we settle in for a fun and informative 30 min chat!

Episode Two | 12-22-20

making Your Mark

Our mission is to create a place for The Maker community. Social media brought each of us together a while back, and we quickly realized the benefits of encouraging and lifting each other up. But social media can also tear us apart. This is a space to be together, to be creative and encouraging, and to make a difference. Our goal is to bring that community-based creativity to your homes every week!

Episode Three | 12-29-20

Goals & Goodies

Happy (almost) New Year everybody! On this weeks Maker Meetup episode, we will be reflecting on all of the positives that have happened to each of us within the past year and how we have grown as individuals and within our businesses, all while making some delicious snacks to spice things up a bit! We’ll also be getting into what our plans and goals are for 2021, so you don’t want to miss what we have up our sleeves!

Episode Four | 1-5-21

Finding Your Style

What does it mean to have your own style? On this week’s episode of the Maker Meetup, your hosts Kelly, Roni, Hailey and Annie will chat about ways to enhance your current style and tips to help you carve out your own way in this maker community. They will also discuss topics such as: the creative keep up culture, out of the box thinking, and even the assumed hierarchy among styles. This will be quite an interesting conversation!

Episode Five | 1-12-21

Many Jobs of a maker

Have you ever wondered why art cost so much? Are you considering starting your own business but don’t know where to begin? Today we’ll be discussing all the different jobs and responsibilities that go behind the ‘Maker/Artist’ title!

Episode Six | 1-19-21

Meeting More Makers

What makes a social media account successful? There are so many aspects that go into creating an account that shows your personal style yet a clean and put together business. In this episode we will discuss aesthetics, captions, posts, and content. We also will be showing 4 of our favorite artists on Instagram and taking a look at their work!


Episode Seven | 1-26-21

Live Q&A Edition

This episode is going to be super fun! We’ve noticed that you guys have been shooting all sorts of amazing questions at us, so we have decided that we want to dedicate this whole episode to answering you and your questions! Just shoot us a question during the live through the YouTube comments or DM us a question that you want us to address on the show! We will make sure that we cover as much as possible so that we don’t leave you hanging!


Episode Eight | 2-2-21

Season Finale!

In case you didn’t see our big announcement the other day, The Maker Meetup is on the new Mas Epoxies’ Table Top Pro LTD bottle!! We feel so honored to be a part of this limited edition bottle! This LTD bottle will be on sale this Friday! We are so excited about this BUT we are even more excited about what happens AFTER these bottles are sold out! YOU have the opportunity to be on the next Mas Epoxies’ LTD bottle!! And YOU will also be the one to choose who the winner is!


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