Maker Class 2021 with Kelly Johnson

Welcome Maker Class of 2021! On this season 2 finale episode we will be learning a bit more about the talented creators who make up this incredible maker community. Grab a drink, some snacks, sit back, and relax while we chat about who was the life of the party, who was the class clown, the budding bromances of the season, and many more fun superlatives!

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Getting Sponsorship with Hailey Nolin and Sam Raimondi

This episode is going to revolve around landing brand sponsorships and collaborations that will help propel your business forward while making valuable connections within your particular niche or industry. And to crank things up a notch, Sam Raimondi from @DIYhuntress will be joining us as our featured guest! She’s an absolute pro at navigating partnerships with big-name brands and she’ll be sharing her insider tips with us on the topic!

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Social Etiquette with Roni Langley

This week on The Maker Meetup we will be learning the Dos and Donts of social media, influencer, and artist etiquette! Some of these can be tricky so play along on the guessing game with guest star, our Mayor, Ryan! Once we’ve hashed out what to do and what NOT to do, we’ll be answering your questions live Q&A style! So come ready the questions you’ve been dying to know!

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Creating Additional Revenue Streams with Hailey Nolin

Make money while you sleep:
In this weeks episode of The Maker Meetup, the girls explain how you’re able to create multiple revenue streams within your business in order to break up where your income comes from. They will be explaining the difference between passive vs active income, call-to-action strategies, and especially harp on how to create passive income revenue streams.

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Creating Viral Content w/ Annie Morcos

Creating Viral Content:
We can all agree that any video that goes viral has one common element. Whatever the topic of the viral video, it is triggering a passionate emotional response.

In this episode we will discuss all the elements that compose a viral video and provide a roadmap of how to create a higher probability of creating contagious content!

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Creating Valuable Content w/ Kelly Johnson

Gaining Social Currency:
Let’s be honest, in general, people share things that make them look good. Just as people use money to buy products or services; they use social currency to achieve desired positive impressions among their families, friends, and social media followers. In this episode we will be discussing ways to create and share valuable content that will increase your engagement and help grow your brand.

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Roni Langley

Hoping to graduate college without debt, Roni started doing resin art as a hobby to pay the bills. After graduating, her hobby quickly turned into an overnight full time business and she faced the decision to leave corporate America for her own business or stay safe with her salary job. Now two years in, she’s never regretted leaving and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Roni’s learned a lot about running a business and a social media account over the past two years while supporting herself full time as a resin artist.

Annie Morcos

Annie Morcos is a resin fine artist who has been creating abstract multimedia art for over 6 years. Annie has a background in visual effects and has a unique insight on filming her art process to tell a story. She has also mastered the art of multi layer resin projects. Annie shares her process on her YouTube channel & also does video chat classes.

Kelly Johnson

A California-based, multimedia artist who recently became the full-time Content Creation Specialist for MAS Epoxies. She loves to explore all forms of art and enjoys the entire creative process. Kelly uses her social media platforms to teach, entertain, and bring joy to viewers. She hopes that her work can inspire others in the way others have inspired her.

Hailey Nolin

Working at a surf shop growing up, becoming the manager, and then getting lucky enough to be recruited at the age of 18 by the marketing team of an outdoor sportswear company as their Retail Marketing Coordinator, Hailey learned more than she ever thought she would about hosting events, managing retailers social media’s, and analyzing data.